Cymatics Video Shows What Music Would Look Like As A Hologram

by Jodina Meehan on April 30, 2015

J.J.McGowan, a musician and digital artist from Scotland, created this cymatics video to show what music might look like if we could see it holographically in real time:

McGowan writes about the project:

“This is the short film I created for my Masters in Animation and Visualisation at the University of Dundee. The idea was to see what music would look like travelling through the air…

“Inspired by the emerging science of Cymatics, I used footage of the my own music being vibrated through the Cymascope, (a machine created by John Stuart Reid) that allows the visualisation of sound through ultra fine water, and used VFX techniques to interpret and create a holographic 3D version.”

See J.J.McGowan’s Digital Art and Music here

Learn more about MusicMadeVisible and the CymaScope here

P.S. CYMATICA, the book, has reached 36,000 words. Read about it here and watch a short film about the project.


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Rolf Knudson April 30, 2015 at 10:14 am


That was really beautiful and impressive. Thanks for sharing.



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