New Cymatic App Lets You See Cymatics On Your iPhone

by Jodina Meehan on August 17, 2015

John Stuart Reid announces a new release: The CymaScope app, a cymatics app that lets you see and experiment with cymatics on your iphone or ipad.

The CymaScope app is the world’s first app to make the geometry of piano sounds and music visible. The imagery you will see is not a computer simulation; all the beautiful imagery in the app was created on a physical CymaScope then stored in digital memory.

The new cymatics app allows you to:

• Play the visible piano notes by the touch-sensitive circular keyboard.

• Use your voice to trigger the visible piano notes.

• Play a live musical instrument or any recorded music to the app and watch the CymaScope imagery unfold in real time.

• Select your favorite concert pitch: 432 Hertz, 440 Hertz or 444 Hertz, and see unique, dynamic imagery from each.

• Experiment with visual projection of the piano notes by connecting a video projector to the iPhone or iPad.

• Choose the 440 Hertz visible piano notes for colorized performance, or the 432 Hertz and 444 Hertz visible piano notes for monochrome study.

• Capture moments of the imagery and share on Facebook or by email.

• Save any moment of the imagery to the iPad’s Photo Library—then print a hard copy out to put on your wall or share with children.

You can learn more about the new cymatics app here and you will also find a button to download it from the app store here.


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Vasana August 17, 2015 at 2:58 pm

Hi John – your work grows more profound all the time. The reason I have not been in touch for a long time (we are the ones who had lectured at ISSSEEM the same year you did) is that the last 5 years we have spent trying to educate people on the dangers of wireless technology. I will send you the latest press release from a group of 206 scientists who made an appeal to the UN to stop the proliferation of wireless. Plus the one from the Canadian Medical Association Journal. We are trying to get the US and Cdn governments to lower the emission levels over here at the very least. So now seeing your beautiful work on an App means that even more people will be broadcasting these signals which as you know actually disturbs not only life forms but subtle energies. Thanks & I look forward to hearing from you but also continuing to follow your work. Sincerely Vasana


phillip Reply:

Are there any plans for an android release?
@vasana are you referring to. as the body making petition to UN? I think several apps and monitoring of cymatics awareness will help the cause if we can actually make people understand there is normal physical combination of frequencies that are around our bodies, whether they combine in a positive or negative way at any one time, at least at a purely physics level would require sensitive detection devices and ability to separate multiple EMF and sound sources, their distortion, harmonics, and then at a more quantum level the current mind and heart resonance that would then interfere with these external energy forms at the biological cell level. I was hoping cymatics app able to show “healthy” combinations of multiple sources, and then “unhealthy” patterns as well for visual comparisons. Them my design of a low cost and affordable “healing chamber” can be realized and people can renew their cellular levels by blocking out all EMF and rejuvenate using pure tones from nature, and have visible cymatic images and sound as they rest in the chamber. The CymaScope looks to be a great step forward. maybe in the next 52 weeks this will now get to research trials.


John Stuart Reid Reply:

Hi Phillip, we do plan to build an Android version of the CymaScope App if the Apple platform version becomes popular. We also have plans for even more powerful CymaScope apps in future, that could have analytical and therapeutic tools built in. An exciting future lies ahead in the field of cymatics!


John Stuart Reid Reply:

Thank you for your kind words about my work. I applaud your concern over the electromagnetic ‘soup’ that we all live in. In the case of the CymaScope App, although it has been built for iPhone and iPad platform the app itself does not radiate electromagnetic energy. Its purpose, and my primary goal, is to diffuse knowledge of cymatics into the world and ultimately, through the cymatics, to (hopefully) create a better world. Cymatics holds many keys to a deeper understanding of life since the CymaScope Pro instrument (as distinct from the app) uses water–the main ingredient of life–as the imaging medium. Studying the effects of both sound and electromagnetism on water could lead to new knowledge regarding the healing (and in some cases harmful) effects of both.

In common with all forms of energy, sound and electromagnetism can be either healing or harmful to humans, depending on the frequencies and energy levels we are exposed to. In the case of devices that emit Wi-Fi fields, I hold the opinion that the risk to biological life is almost certainly negligible excepting under certain circumstances. The circumstances I personally avoid are holding a cell phone against my ear when the phone is showing one bar signal strength. One bar indicates that the phone is operating at the limit of the cell phone tower range and the phone therefore automatically increases its output power to maximum. Holding a phone against my ear under those circumstances means it is radiating (spherically) 0.5 Watt of microwave energy and that my brain is likely to receive exactly half of that, i.e. 0.25 watts, because the other half is radiating away from me into space. I am not an expert in the effects of microwaves on biological tissue but I have worked with lasers and I can give you an example that you might find helpful. Class 3b lasers are limited to an average radiant power not exceeding 0.5 Watts for an exposure time no longer than 0.25 seconds. Admittedly a laser beam is highly focussed whereas as cell phone radiates its energy spherically but even so, a 0.5 watt laser beam can give skin a serious burn, and even 0.25 watts can give a nasty burn if held on one spot of your skin. But if you use the cell phone with a hands free device the energy reaching our body and brain is spread over a far greater area and I would be surprised if that level of exposure is shown to have any long term adverse effects on people. Remember too that low frequency infrared energy and high frequency microwave energy are next to each other in the EM spectrum. Given that infrared light (heat) from the sun deeply penetrates our tissues and is known to be healing, I think it is reasonable to ask: can the human body differentiate between solar radiation and and low level Wi-Fi radiation?



Wendy Dunnico April 24, 2016 at 10:49 am

Can I do this on my laptop, as I don’t have a suitable phone?



Werner van Nuffel March 7, 2017 at 7:09 pm

Hi John

Is this app realy usable as a real cymascope pro device for making subtle changes in sounds visible (by electronic synthesizer sound synthesis) visible in real time sounddesigning?

Is any subtile change of waveforms, frequencies (picth), amplitude (volume) and all kinds of typically (analog and digital) synthesizer-filters-manipulations realy authentically and directly visible (with scientific accurancy) as it is with the water images of the Cymascope Pro?

Or is this cymascope-app only based on piano sounds and other musical instruments generated cymatic imagery that are all stored in the app-memory and when playing a note or even external musical sound or musical chord the app is only generating a ‘look alike’-cymatics stored in that memory by retrival algorythms?

I just don’t know how accurate this app is for serious cymatic sounddesign-visualisations.

In other words : is this app a digital form (translation) of the real Cymascope Pro (based on water images) or is this app made just for educational demonstration-purposes or just only made for some audiovisual fun?



Werner van Nuffel March 8, 2017 at 9:14 pm

Dear John

Is the Cymascope App based on the Digital Cymascope in the research of Sungchul Ji’s work or is this Digital Cymascope still in progress (prototype)?

And will be the Cymascope app sufficient enough for my sound-synthesis research based on CymaGlyphs of the Cymascope App?

Thanks in advance for your answer on this two comments.

Sincerely yours

Werner van Nuffel, Hasselt (Belgium)



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