DIY Cymatics In Water: A Simple Setup

by Jodina Meehan on April 27, 2013

There are several ways to make cymatics in water. Personally I have more experience with making cymatics images with sand and salt, but while experimenting with my cymatics voicebox I discovered a very simple way to make DIY cymatics with water that you can do without any wiring or electronics skills.

Here you can see that I have simply put some water on top of my original cymatics voicebox device, and then moved the camera in close to capture only the water on top of the device. If you wanted to make these types of cymatics images in water yourself, you could first build a voicebox using these instructions, then put water instead of salt on top.

You can also move the camera in even closer, to capture only the cymatics images on top of the water, without the edges of the water showing. Although there are more complex, accurate and technical ways to build a water based cymatics device, this allows you to do a quick experiment with frequencies or music in water very simply and easily.

Click here to see a video of the cymatics voicebox with salt on the top and voice based designs. To download complete instructions for a DIY cymatics voicebox like you see me using in this video, click here.

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djumadi October 7, 2013 at 10:11 pm

Dear Jodina,
I have buy your Cymatic Voice Box, but not yet make it. I want to ask you what is the best camera lens that is used by you to capture cymatic in water ? Thanks for your reply. Djumadi from Yogykarta,Indonesia.


Jodina Meehan Reply:

Hi, I don’t have the answer to that personally, but will ask on the School of Cymatics, someone there is bound to know!



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