Cymatics Frequency Patterns With a Didjeridoo

by Jodina Meehan on April 30, 2010

Building a Cymatic Didge

Aya Sheevaya of Sedona, Arizona recently used these Cymatic Sounder instructions to build a cymatic didgeridoo for some interesting cymatics frequency patterns.

He writes, “Latex is a wonderful substance. I ordered some from MJTrends (.30mm black) and build a pvc “soundjeridu”… Using supermarket salt, I got some good results…” Aya, who is the founder of the School of Sacred Geometry in Sedona, achieved his first cymatics frequency patterns by building a simple cymatics sounder, then he bought some larger latex and created this inventive version for use with a digeridoo.

Fitting the Didge into the PVC

Aya says his next DIY cymatics experiment will be to create some cymatics frequency patterns using a “piezo-electric setup,” and that he has also done some experiments with cymatics frequency patterns and crystal bowls.

You can find instructions to build your own DIY cymatics sounder and a DIY cymatics plate here.


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