Does Cymatics Defy Gravity?

by Jodina Meehan on November 22, 2009

does cymatics defy gravity?

does cymatics defy gravity?

Cymatics can do the “impossible” and defy gravity, according to none other than great cymatics pioneer Hans Jenny.

In his groundbreaking work, “Cymatics” Hans Jenny documents his surprising experiments with the effects of cymatics vs gravity on matter – and, according to Jenny, cymatics won.

It seems cymatics (sound waves applied to a surface) can actually cause matter to defy gravity, preventing matter from falling to the ground, as it would normally. How did he discover this?

In “Cymatics,” Jenny writes that after putting matter such as sand or liquids on a plate and causing it to oscillate and form cymatics patterns simply by applying sound to the plate when in a horizontal position, he then tipped the plate sideways, and…

The matter on the plate stayed on the plate and did not fall.

He then stopped the sound source for a moment, and the matter at once began to slide downwards, falling as matter normally should when on a vertical surface; however, when he turned the sound back on, the matter proceeded to climb back up the plate, and reform perfectly into the cymatics patterns it had been holding previously.

The matter then remained clinging to the vertical surface, oscillating to the sound waves and seeming to “defy gravity” as it hung above the earth in beautiful cymatic symmetry.

“Cymatics” is an amazing book full of important and surprising discoveries about how sound shapes matter. You can get a copy of Cymatics by Hans Jenny here, and you can get a free video course to begin your own cymatics experiments here.


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Jawn April 19, 2010 at 3:07 pm

How much power would it take in a particular wavelenght, or multiple wavelengths, to move the great Egyptian pyramids? Or an elephant? We are mere humans. But, keep proving; we can do anything!



Daniel November 1, 2016 at 8:10 am

I don’t think it defies gravity per say but I do think it does quite the opposite, I think we are just able to manifest the potential of sound through gravity(even though gravity manifest from sound)
Because through space nothing would holds sound except matter and matter resonates.
I think gravity is an emergent property of sound or vibration and that we see the patterns present through cymatics which I think inherently is but just the representation we see through all life on the planet.
I think if we see persistent patterns with sound and even see those phenomenon representing life, how can we not say that gravity played a role in form both phenomenon because it is the same phenomenon.



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