Chapel Cymatics: Music Frozen in Stone?

by Jodina Meehan on December 9, 2008

Watch this fascinating and well-done video to find out about what is believed to be cymatics “music frozen in stone” in a chapel in Scotland.

There are what appears to be cymatics patterns carved into stone cubes throughout this chapel, and Stuart Mitchell has spent years studying them.

He used cymatics – a plate on an oscillator from what I can tell, similar to the apparatus Hans Jenny used – to re-create the patterns, and see what tones matched to each design.

Then he had musicians recreate the music carved in the stone and bring it back to life after centuries of silence…but it doesn’t stop there. There is a sculpture of an angel at one end of the chapel that gave some interesting clues along the way. Play it to find out what I mean.

This video is particularly interesting to watch because it alternates from pictures of the stone cubes to patterns being created with cymatics, so you can instantly compare.

Is this cymatics-generated “music frozen in stone” meant to be discovered and sung hundreds of years in the future? Or just a (very striking and strange) “coincidence?”

What do you think?


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helen h November 24, 2013 at 10:34 pm

i am seriously thinking of purchasing one of cromwells instruments….have spoken with her about her about it….she has modeled them acording to dr. sir peter guy manners specs as i understand it….my first cymatics insturment that i learned on was one of peters old mark four machines….the time i spent with him was
of great value to me….he worked with delwar and he sent me twp of delwars radionics instruments which i prize greatly….keep up the great work…..helen h.



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